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High-power DC motors quite often have a large starting current, even though the running current may be quite a bit less.

There are many H-Bridge modules that can deal with the average load, but not many can deal with currents above 50Amp.

This H-Bridge module uses high-current relays to switch high-power DC motors.

Using only 3 signals (ENABLE, LEFT and RIGHT) you can select the 5 functional H-Bridge states and works nicely with our H-Bridge controller.

The H-Bridge module is built using relay sockets so that it can be used with a variety of suitable relays for your situation, from low current (20A) up to high current (80A).

This module is sold without relays, which are sold separately.

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Gewicht0,14 kg
Afmetingen13 × 13 × 3 cm

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