Raspberry Pi Power Control HAT.
Use a PWM output to control the variable power output.

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How to control a DC motor using a Raspberry Pi? With a PWM output of the Raspberry Pi, this Hardware Attached on Top can power a DC motor up to 32V / 0.5A

Use your own power supply and save money straight away. If you have a spare laptop power supply (minimum 7V / 2A), then you can most likely use this Raspberry Pi HAT to power your raspberry as well, next to having a variable power output, controlled by the Raspberry Pi (through a PWM signal).

As an addition to Revision 1.4 extra headers were added for I²C, SPI and BCM. This allows easy connection to peripherals and sensors.

Extra informatie
Gewicht0.2 kg
Afmetingen6.5 × 6.5 × 2.0 cm



7V – 37V DC / min. 2A


5V DC / 3A (to USB connector)

Variable output

1.75V – (Input – 2V) DC / 0.5A


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