Raspberry Pi Sensor I/O Bridge.
Connect to sensors and actuators on a distance.

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Extend your Raspberry Pi I/O capabilities for interfacing with sensors and actuators on a distance connected to this Raspberry Pi sensor bridge.

This Raspberry Pi Sensor Bridge supports 8 Digital I/O and 2 Analog inputs. It uses the I²C interface of the Raspberry Pi. It is possible to connect up to 8 of these interface boards together.

The I²C connections allow distances of 2m to 5m away from the Raspberry Pi processor board in both directions. This is very useful for when sensors and actuators can not be placed close by the Raspberry Pi.

For example, connect sensors like an Infrared Distance sensor.

Infrared Distance Sensor

Because the interference on inputs connected straight to the Raspberry Pi caused problems, an extra filter circuit was required to avoid these. Next to that, because of the distance from the Raspberry Pi, some ‘long’ wiring connections (1 meter or more) were required.

The solution to this came with using the Raspberry Pi sensor bridge, now multiple sensor bridges are placed around the racetrack, close to the sensors (approx. 20cm). And communicating with the sensor bridges over I2C is quickly and easily arranged using either C++ or Python.

This Raspberry Pi HAT can also be used for example to connect an LED (dot-matrix) display, in this case for showing a rounds counter and speed (not yet realised).

This project also uses the Raspberry Pi Power Control HAT to control the speed of the racecars by supplying a variable, PWM controlled power supply.

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Gewicht0,15 kg
Afmetingen9,1 × 3,6 × 2,3 cm



1K Eeprom

Analog input

2x 10bit ADC

Digital input

Configurable (max 8x)

Digital output

Configurable (max 8x)


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