Useful resources

With the development of Raspberry Pi hardware and software, there is always that challenge to find right resources like pinout of the header, how to use I²C, how to connect a dot-matrix display and so forth.

While we have developed several hardware-items and software-libraries, our main aim in regards to software development is to use C++, independently from other software libraries. This gives you full freedom as to how you implement things and what you implement. This quite often reduces the memory usage of the end-result.

When purchasing our hardware, we make sure that you will be provided with the most up-to-date software as well, including examples to get you going.

However, not everyone is familiar with C++ and others prefer to use Python instead.

We endeavour to provide a list of useful resources below for your convenience-

Of course, this list is far from complete.

So, if you have a useful resource to list here, please let us know.